V.S.K. GEOANALYSIS LTD, Geo Consulting Engineers and Laboratories was founded in 2018 and is an independent organization based in Limassol.

It is staffed, among others, by Geologists, Mining Engineers, Environmental Engineers and other technical personnel. All company executives possess academic knowledge as well as excellent professional experiences in a wide range of subjects covering the specialized requirements of the geological, geotechnical and environmental sciences as well as the modern applications of the construction industry.

Our services can be provided at the very early stages of a project with on-site reconnaissance and on-site research. BSK GEOANALYSIS LTD provides a comprehensive geotechnical service with a full range of on-site and internal tests to meet customer specifications and needs. Such tests cover soil survey and chemical analysis, field surveys, slab loading and CBR field tests, etc.

During the construction stage of buildings or civil engineering projects BSK GEOANALYSIS LTD provides technical support services for material control, inspection, specification compliance, interpretation of results as required by the client. Material sampling and testing ranges from cubes, cores, steel reinforcement, bituminous materials, bricks, blocks, tiles, soils and granular materials, aggregates, additives, sealants, etc.

For maintenance or addition projects, where the evaluation of the bearing bodies is of great importance, BSK GEOANALYSIS LTD provides its services to test and evaluate the current status and future performance of these members. Testing and inspections include techniques to assess concrete strength and durability, condition of reinforcement, presence of corrosion or chloride contamination and extend to full load testing when required.

In cases of Production units and Plants V.S.K GEOANALYSIS LTD provides its services for sampling and testing of materials for compliance with national & european relevant standards, as well as for quality control and advice.

In the case of concrete and asphalt plants, it provides its services at all stages of operations, from the design stage of mix composition to quality control during production and advice on material sourcing and handling.