Soil classification is a dynamic subject, from the structure of the system, to the definitions of classes, to the application in the field. Soil classification can be approached from the perspective of soil as a material and soil as a resource.

Our Geologists perform details soil tests for classifying soils and determining their basic physical properties and behaviours using the national & international standards.

  • Moisture Content

Water Content of Soil (BS EN ISO 17892-1: 2014)
Moisture Content of Soil (BS1377 : Part 2 : Clause 3.2 : 1990)

  • Atteberg Limits:  liquid limits, plastic limits and plasticity index

Liquid and Plastic Limits of soil, 4 point cone penetrometer method (BS EN ISO 17892-12:2018)

  • Linear Shrinkage

Linear shrinkage of soil (BS1377 : Part 2 : Clauses 4.3, 5.3 & 5.4 1990)

  • Bulk & Dry Density

Bulk and dry density by Linear Measurement Method (BS EN ISO 17892-2: 2014 Clause 5.1)

  • Particle Density (previously known as Specific Gravity )

Particle density by Gas jar method (BS1377 : Part 2 : Clause 8.2 : 1990)
Particle density by Small pyknometer method (BS EN ISO 17892-3:2015 )

  • Particle Size Distribution (sieve & mechanical analysis)

Particle Size Distribution by Wet/Dry sieve analysis (BS EN ISO 17892-4:2016, clause 5.2)
Mechanical analysis by Hydrometer method (BS EN ISO 17892-4:2016, clause 5.3)