Concrete coring is the process of removing a cylinder of concrete from the rest of the structure.There are many applications across a range of fields, including plumbing, electrical, drainage, manholes, HVAC, and structural testing. Depending on the requirement a range of sizes can be drilled, and we offer the coring of holes up to 10” in diameter, which can drill up to virtually any depth.

Concrete coring utilizes a diamond cutting drill to cut a perfect round hole in any concrete structure. The process is low-noise, dust free and non-percussive. It is by far the most popular choice when it comes to cutting concrete.
Holes can be drilled at any angle – whether vertical or horizontal, and a choice of electric or hydraulic rigs can be used for drilling in sensitive locations or confined spaces.

Diamond Drilling and Cold Cutting Techniques – The Advantages:

  • Cuts Holes Quickly and accurately, from 20 to 250mm diameter, to various depths
  • Operates in Horizontal, Vertical and Inverted Planes and in Confined Spaces
  • Water feed during Drilling Operations ensures a Clean, Dust-free Environment
  • A range of Task-Specific Techniques can be deployed, dependent on the nature of the Project and the prevailing Site Conditions
  • Precise, Accurate drills can be made
  • Reinforcement Bars are cut cleanly
  • The Process ensures Minimal Disruption to surrounding structures