The structural control of existing buildings and structures for raising a new floor or static adequacy is nowadays necessary.

V.S.K GEOANALYSIS LTD use Non destractive (NDT) & Semi Destractive methods to examine the hardened concrete structure for their suitability for its intended use without interfering in any way with the integrity of the material or its suitability for service.

Methods and Tests we use:

  • Visual inspection of concrete structure
  • Schmidt NDT Test or Rebound Hammer Test
  • Pull Out Test
  • Carbonation Depth Measurement Test
  • Position and condition of steel reinforcement (Ferroscan)
  • Half-cell Electrical Potential Method for bars corrotion
  • In-Situ Strength of hardened concrete in existing structures.
  • Concrete cover over the reinforcement
  • Cement content of hardened concrete
  • Crack Measurement
  • Chloride Content